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Reliable, secure and fast access to business applications and data is critical to the success of your business. If you are having trouble with network and server performance, accessibility (multiple offices, home or mobile access), or security (viruses, spam, spyware, unsuitable internet content), RCC help you evaluate your current environment and recommend and implement effective, economical networking solutions. We also provide priority-response service to help get you back up and running whenever you have a network emergency.

R Computer Clinic is familiar with all of the leading networking equipment and software solutions. We are also an authorized dealer for sales of many of the leading technologies, so we can effectively provide turnkey sales and service solutions for your business.


A firewall is a protective system that prevents unauthorized access to your computer or network. A firewall also allows remote access to the network or computer through secure authentication certificates and admin logins. Firewall's can be either hardware or software. You should use both. Hackers scan the internet for computers and or networks that are not protected by a firewall so they can hijack or infect your computers with a virus, worm or a Trojan horse. Businesses and home users much use a firewall. Home computer users at a minimum should have a personal firewall, anti virus and anti spyware. Anti virus and anti spyware are not the same thing. Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 3 (SP3), Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8 operating systems have a personal firewall system built in them. Never use two personal firewall products at the same time. Business Users should have much more.


The Cisco router configuration service provides business with advanced secure connections between users and the network. The router is the gateway of your network to the outside world. It also provides the connectivity to e-MDs for your SureScripts and Patient Portal to work. Our Cisco Certified Technicians will configure and secure your Cisco router to ensure that the connectivity is established properly. Also, the router acts as the firewall to block unwanted connections from the outside. Our Cisco technicians guide you to protect, secure and configure your network to prevent breaches to your data and network.


To get better resource utilisation we provide solution to share your resources such as Printer and Scanner on Network computers using Wire / Wireless connection without compromising your security. 

Advantages of sharing a network printer are as follows:

  1. SAVING SPACE : One advantage is a printer does not take up space at each person's workstation.
  2. SAVING MONEY : Another benefit is not having the expense of buying multiple printers.
  3. LESS MAINTENANCE : Due to Fewer devices your maintenance will be more centralized and easier to manage for your office staff and your maintenance provider.
  4. LESS TRAINING, MORE UNIFORMITY : Employees will be equally knowledgeable on the use of your central printers, leading to greater workplace efficiency. As your printing technology ages and is replaced, your staff will need to stay current on its new features and troubleshooting techniques to stay productive.
  5. ACCESS TO ENHANCED CAPABILITIES : Designed to handle more complex tasks and volume, network printers are generally higher quality than personal printers.In addition, these types of devices often have an extended product life cycle.
  6. REMOTE USE :A network printer can accommodate working from remote locations and still provide efficient printing. If you connect to the network, and therefore the printer, using the Internet, you can send documents from anywhere, making this a great tool for people who need to print from remote locations.
  7. ABILITY TO HOOK UP MULTIPLE PRINTERS : With a network print environment, you can connect as many printers as necessary and give your employees the ability to send their project to the appropriate printer based on their printing requirements.
  8. EASIER TRACKING : With network printers it is easier to track the usage of printers and their supplies usage. It also save costs.


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